Clovelly 3x3 Log Cabin

34mm Logs - Ideal Summer House or Garden Office

Clovelly 3x3 Log Cabin
Log Thickness - 34mm

Our price - £1,555.00 (Usual Price - £1,767.00)

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Delivery Charges

  • Postcodes are for mainland UK only. Please call for a price to ship to Highlands and Islands and any other postcode not listed.
  • Usual lead time 2-3 weeks. This can vary dependant on your location, stock and season.

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Log Specification

  • Log Thickness - 34mm (1¼″)
  • Width : 3000mm (9′ 10″)
  • Depth : 3000mm (9′ 10″)

Approximate Internal Dimensions

  • Width - 2772mm (9′ 1″)
  • Depth - 2772mm (9′ 1″)
  • Area - 7.7m² (83ft²)

Floor and Roof Boards

  • Floor boards - 18mm tongue and groove
  • Roof boards - 18mm tongue and groove

Other Dimensions

  • Wall height - 2100mm (6′ 11″)
  • Ridge height : 2700mm (8′ 10″)
  • Canopy : 500mm (1′ 8″)
  • Floor Bearers: Treated 50x50mm (2"x2")

One of our best selling cabins, the Clovelly features 34mm wall logs, single glazing in glass to windows and doors.

Use the Clovelly 3x3 for a garden retreat, summer house or garden office. In any guise, you won't be disappointed.

Also available in 44mm logs with double glazing. Please see the Helston Cabin.

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All wooden components are untreated apart from the 50x50mm floor bearers that the cabin sits on. You will need to treat the external faces of the cabin with a suitable timber preserve as soon as possible after completing the build and certainly within 7 days. This will guard the timber against rot and insect attack.

Fixing Kit Included

This cabin comes complete with a fixing kit that includes all the screws, nails and hardware required to complete the build.

Cabin Fixing Kit Included

Doors and Windows

All our doors and windows are manufactured with georgian bars, not just stick on trims ! All windows are opening and come with a rubber seal. The door is supplied with a cylinder lock and three keys.


All our buildings are supplied with 4mm glass in the doors and windows. Should you require toughened safety glass, please call the office to confirm the cost of this upgrade

Felt Shingles

The cabin is supplied with out shed felt. We offer felt shingles as an option. These are superior in construction, longevity and looks compared to any shed felt and would recommend these were purchased. Please see further details on felt shingles here.

Cabins manufactured by Eurovudas are delivered ready for assembly. Our hauliers will call to arrange a convenient time for delivery. It is strongly advised to have two persons available to assist in off-loading the lorry. There are no mechanical means to assist !

Note : Our hauliers are contracted to kerbside only. Access must be available for a lorry, the size of a large dustcart, with a length of 11m and width of 3m. If in doubt, advise our hauliers of any potential hazards when they call to arrange delivery.

VAT is included in all prices on our website.

Felt Shingle Options - Price - £159.00
Grey Bourne Felt Shingles
Grey Bourne Felt Shingles
Red Bourne Felt Shingles
Red Bourne Felt Shingles
Green Bourne Felt Shingles
Green Bourne Felt Shingles
Grey Hexham Felt Shingles
Grey Hexham Felt Shingles
Red Hexham Felt Shingles
Red Hexham Felt Shingles
Green Hexham Felt Shingles
Green Hexham Felt Shingles

Once you add the cabin to the shopping cart, you will have the option to add felt shingles as required

Clovelly 3x3 Log Cabin Schematic
Plan View
Clovelly 3x3 Log Cabin Plan View
Clovelly 3x3 Log Cabin Construction
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Other Sizes Available

3000 x 4000 Our Price - £2,665.00

4000 x 3000 Price - £2,077.00 Sale Price - £1,755.00 Saving you £321.00

Mr Sheppard who purchased a Clovelly 3x3 Log Cabin said "When it arrived the number of components was amazing, however sorting them into walls and in reverse number order made building it easy. It took three days from start to finish, I did order the shingle tiles which took longer but look great. Had some minor issues with the quality of the flooring which was resolved reasonably quickly. Overall happy."

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Q : Please could you cconfirm the interior measurements of this cabin and also that it does come with a side window as that is not shown on the assembly instructions. Thank you.

A : Internal measurements are approx. 2730x2730mm. Yes - there is a side window which can be placed on either side

Q : The picture shows a large window located on the right hand side, as you look at the front doors. Is this included in the kit, as it doesn't apppear in the construction instructions parts list. Thank you.

A : Yes, there is a side window and this can be placed on the right hand side or left hand side

Q : Can a roof light be fitted to the roof? Regards

A : With some careful DIY work, the fitting of a roof light is possible

Q : does the cabin come with roofing felt. Also I live just beside Glasgow airport but your shipping classes PA codes as Scottish Highlands do i get delivery at the Uk Mainland Rate?

A : The cabin does not come with any roofing material. We offer the shingles as an option. Sorry - our hauliers dictate the shipping rates and the post code PA falls into the higher bracket

Q : How deep is the verandah for the Clovelly.

A : 1.5m deep


A : Single glazed glass

Q : what are the windows glazed with.

A : Single glazed glass

Q : Does the Clovelly Cabin have windows on both sides and if so, it it possible to not have a window on both sides? Thanks

A : This kit has only one side window as standard

Q : are the door and window measurements the same as the Clovelly 4x3 as there is no specifications on the 3x3

A : Yes - same spec as the 4x3

Q : We are considerig to buying the above log cabin with a veranda and roof shingles. Could you tell us the price of installing including the concrete base. We are located in Gosport Hants on the border with Fareham Hants. Kind Regards.

A : Sorry, I'm afraid we are currently not installing in the Hampshire area.

Q : Hello, Built my Clovelly 3x3 over the weekend. Very pleased with it. One thing I thought you should know - On the assembly instructions that I downloaded from your site, it says the base is 2820x2820. On the instructions supplied with the cabin it says it should be 2840 x 2840. I had already built the base! I managed to get around it but thought you might need to make update the insructions. Other than that, very pleased. Thanks Keith

A : Thank you for the feedback and apologies for the inconvenience. ~Our database has been updated accordingly. Thanks again

Q : The illustration shows a window on one side. Is this a standard or optional feature? The assembly instructions seem to make no mention of window

A : Yes, the brighton range of cabins do have a side window as strandard. This can be placed on either side as required

Q : Is the log cabin treated against rot. If not what is the recommended product?

A : Only the floor bearers are pressure treated. We recommend using Cuprinol shed and fence preserver which is an oil based product ensuring longevity of protection

Q : what wood treatment/preserve can you recommend for the Clovelly 34mm cabin

A : We always recomend an oil based timber treatment such as Cuprinol Shed and Fence Preserver

Q : Regarding the shingle tiles I have looked at the sketches and there appears to be sheets and edgings shown under the tiles. What are these and are they supplied ?

A : If the shingles are bought as an optional extra, enough ridge tiles are provided not only to run the length of the ridge, but also as a the first run of tiles along the roof edge

Q : What is the side and rear overhang of the roof. Thanks

A : Approx. 300mm

Q : Can the window be installed on either side.

A : Yes, you choose the side for installation when you build the cabin

Q : Hello I am interested in the 3x3 Clovelly log cabin but have avery tight space with a tall fence on 3 sides I can see the plans with the floor measurements, but I would like to know the overall width across the front INCLUDING the roof overhang either side and also excatly how much the roof overhangs the back of the cabin

A : The roof overhangs each side by approx. 200mm (8") and at the back approx 150mm (6")

Q : Hello I am wondering do you have one of these erected at your premises that can be viewed before I place an order.

A : Currently no (sorry !) - we intend to have a show site up and running by the end of Feb, locally to East Grinstead

Q : Canyou do the Clovelly cabin 104 inch wide 144inch length and if so how much will it cost. I have just been told I can have 1500. for a new summer house old size was 8ft x 12ft concrere base in position. Or are teir any other cabins in this size.

A : The smallest cabins we do, including the Clovelly is 3m x 3m - is there any possibility of extending your concrete base ?


A : The Clovelly 3x3 has windows either side of the double doors and on one side

Q : can dubble glazing be fitted to the windows and doors.

A : This is not an option for the Clovelly cabin.

Q : What sort of glazing do you supply?

A : The Clovelly range is single glazed with glass


A : Canopy length on the Clovelly 3x3 is 450mm (1' 6") The internal floor area is 81 sq ft

Guarantee / Timber Treatment

Please be aware, if moisture levels are allowed to build in excess of 40%, there is a risk of mould and fungus growth on the timber.

Moisture in the cabin will, in the first instance, condensate on the coldest surfaces (glass panes and wall corners). If the cabin is not ventilated properly and in extreme cases heated, wooden parts will show signs of mould growth and if not dealt with, rot will occur.

Should this occur, please note, it is not as a result of poor manufacture or materials and will not fall within our warranty policy.

In order to qualify for our guarantee, it is necessary to treat both external AND internal timber surfaces with an appropriate wood preservative / protector within 14 days of installing your cabin.

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